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enVy Pillow

The enVy® COPPER + Botanical TENCEL™ Anti-Aging Pillow - 100% Natural Latex Pillow with COPPER infused TENCEL™ Pillowcase

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The enVy® COPPER + Botanical TENCEL™ Anti-Aging Pillow - 100% Natural Latex Pillow with COPPER infused TENCEL™ Pillowcase

Our top selling vegan pillow-'The enVy®  COPPER + TENCEL™ Pillow'.  We bio-infuse our Canadian made specialized COPPER directly into the pure botanical TENCEL™  pillowcase (the Vegan alternative to SILK) which is custom-fitted for our 100% Natural Latex Anti-Aging Pillow. Made for those who want the safest, cleanest beauty sleep with the unparalleled benefits of pure COPPER + 100% certified sourced natural raw material wood based TENCEL™

This ergonomic pillow supports your neck and spine, OFF-loads pressure from your delicate face and TMJ and prevents sleep wrinkles with its patented OFF-Your-face design.

*Our Advanced enVy COPPER™️ technology starts destroying any nasties you may have brought to bed with you as soon as your head hits the pillow.

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    • FREE shipping on orders over $150 across Canada. All orders are processed within 2 business days and shipped from our Pillow factory in Canada. 
    • The enVy pillows (excluding ReNEW™ and Pediatric pillows) are covered by a 90-night trial. If you don't love it you can return it. You are responsible for return shipping to our pillow warehouse in Canada. See more details about our 90 Night pillow promise here.
    • The enVy Pillow Co. provides a 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty against our 100% Natural Latex products losing their shape or resilience. More info can be found here.


    ☑ Our vented 100% Certified Natural Latex is moulded into enVy's patented Design with Dual Neck supports.

    ☑ 100% Undyed Cotton Protective Cover.

    ☑ Custom-fitted enVy COPPER™️ infused Pure Eucalyptus TENCEL™ pillowcase.

    ☑ Removable 1" Latex LIFT for those who need a higher loft pillow

    ☑ Reusable Satin Drawstring Travel Bag

    Dimensions & Care Instructions

    Pillow measures 22" L x 14” W (3 lbs).
    The height of the pillow ranges from 1.5 - 5" with Neck supports ranging from 2.5 - 3.5 " high.

    Do NOT wash the Naturally Anti-Microbial Latex material. Avoid removing the cotton protective liner that is directly against the Latex pillow. The pillow covers can be machine washed on a very gentle cycle, gentle detergent (zipper closed) and in a lingerie bag HOWEVER we always recommend hand washing instead. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry low but preferably hang dry.

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    The EnVy COPPER + TENCEL Anti-Aging Natural Latex Pillow (with COPPER-infused Eucalyptus TENCEL™ pillowcase)

    Anti-Aging While You Sleep

    Created by 2 Registered Nurses with decades of experience in the Anti-Aging and Sleep Wellness field, the patented OFF-Your-FACE patented ergonomic design of this Anti-Aging pillow reduced sleep induced wrinkles while providing neck support. enVy® Pillow The enVy® Pillow Company holds a Health Canada Medical Device establishment license #6717.

    Designed for back and side sleepers, the cooling vented Natural latex of the enVy®® pillow comes with 2 neck support options. Find the one that loves your neck by simply spinning the pillow.

    *Each pillow comes with a removable I" Latex LIFT for those who need a higher loft pillow.

    Powerful Anti-Microbial and COLLAGEN Boosting


    We permanently infused our advanced enVy COPPER™️ technology into the entire fabric matrix of the custom-fitted 100% Mulberry SILK pillowcase on this pillow so that you can sleep soundly knowing that it is working all night protecting you from Superbugs (even MRSA, E Coli and Viruses), promoting elastin and collagen, and repairing and rejuvenating your skin.

    SWEET to Mother Earth

    Our pillows are made with only the finest Eco-INSTITUT certified materials, in a state-of-the-art eco-conscious FSC certified facility. To make your pillow, we pour the natural latex (which is sap from the rubber tree) into a patented mould that is the shape of the envy pillow and steam-bake it. Then we cover it with undyed natural cotton and our sustainable eco-soft TENCEL pillowcase.

    Sleep soundly knowing your pillow was been thoughtfully made with your health - and the planet's - in mind.

    The Plant-Based Alternative to SILK

    Our COPPER-infused Eucalyptus TENCEL™ - are proud to be one of the chosen brands partnering with the Austria based Lenzing Group to offer the luxurious TENCEL pillowcases created from fibres from botanic origin.

    BUT we didn't stop there! Our luxuriously smooth TENCEL™ pillowcases are bio-infused with our own proprietary natural enVy COPPER technology -- boosting elastin and collagen while destroying any pathogens in their wake - and in your bed!

    To contribute to the environment positively and responsibly, we insist that the fibres we use must be biodegradable.... literally 'compostable' -- just like our Natural Latex! Only then will the burden on our landfills ease, and our soil and water bodies will have fewer synthetic microfibres which can harm all living organisms.

    Undyed Natural COTTON Pillow Protector

    We cover all our Natural latex pillows with this 100% Natural undyed cotton liner - soft, breathable and good for you, the farmers that grow it and the planet. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1 Certification means its free of any harmful substances such as pesticides or herbicides - suitable even for babies


    ALL enVy Pillows come with our patented anti-aging, OFF-Your-Face and Jaw (TMJ) certified 100% Natural Latex ergonomic design. What makes each product different are the pillowcase fabrics and whether you want them to be COPPER infused. If you don’t know which enVy pillow is best for you, start here to learn more.

    Each pillow comes with either the enVy 100% Mulberry SILK pillowcase or the 100% TENCEL™ pillowcase (which is derived from eucalyptus plants). From here, you can decide if you want to upgrade to our COPPER infused option, which offers anti-inflammatory benefits, collagen and elastin boosting to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and the powerful antimicrobial benefits for a clean and fresh beauty rest.

    Take our Perfect Match Quiz or see the table on our Compare the Pillows page to help you decide which enVy pillow is best for you!

    ALL our pillows offer Chiropractic Neck Support/ Spinal Support/ TMJ support PLUS the Anti-Aging benefits with it's unique OFF loading positioning. *ALL our pillows are for Back and Side sleepers.

    Thankfully YES!!!

    Scientific studies show that the latex used in nearly all bedding products will not cause a reaction.

    WHY? Because the 100% Natural Latex used in our pillows does not produce the same allergic reactions as other latex products found in household or medical products.

    To really get to the bottom of this bedtime myth we need to dive deeper into what actually causes a latex allergy, and why the latex foam in our enVy Latex Pillows is different.

    What exactly causes a latex allergy?

    A latex allergy is a reaction to the proteins present in natural rubber latex. Most people have found they are allergic to latex by using items made from natural rubber, including elastic bands, latex gloves, baby bottle nipples and balloons. Natural latex is known to cause Type I and Type IV allergic reactions. Testing for a Type I natural latex allergy is done through blood testing. Type IV can be diagnosed by using a skin-prick test. Estimates of latex sensitivity in the general population range from 0.8% to 8.2%.

    According to the FDA, there have been zero cases of allergic reactions to the natural rubber used in latex foam products throughout the bedding industry, which spans more than 35 years.

    Latex pillows (or other latex bedding) products may contain natural rubber latex, but here's the difference: the Dunlop latex used in our enVy Pillow is subjected to a 220°F vulcanization oven and thoroughly washed and dried. This eliminates any reaction-related proteins or residues. Furthermore, our Latex pillows are covered with a 100% Undyed Cotton cover which is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, dust-mite-resistant. That means there is no direct contact, in most cases, between your skin and the latex that could result in any type of reaction

    Our advanced enVy COPPER™️ technology is an exciting game changer in the Anti-Aging and Wellness field -- especially in bed! With the ever changing pathogens we come across in our daily lives, COPPER infused products, especially pillows, have been an essential natural weapon against microbes we may inadvertently bring to bed with us on our hair and skin. The enVy® pillow Company has been using their advanced Canadian made COPPER in their products for reasons beyond its germ destroying abilities. Check out the science to show how it works ! Beyond enVy COPPER's power to eradicate germs and nasties, it has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce free radicals, speed tissue healing and decrease the appearance of fine lines by naturally boosting collagen and elastin for healthier skin!

    The facts enVy® COPPER is a powerhouse for many reasons:

    + COPPER is scientifically proven to help enhance healthy skin tone, skin texture and skin wellness
    + COPPER has Anti-Inflammatory Properties while reducing free radicals.
    + COPPER Promotes Speedy tissue healing and repair which is a must after any treatment.
    + COPPER eliminates any Bacteria (including MRSA and E. Coli), Virus, Yeast or Fungi in its sight. See past and current Lab Studies on what COPPER can do.

    A COPPER infused pillow is a MUST HAVE after invasive and non-invasive procedures and for allergies, acne and rosacea sufferers.

    enVy Pillow Deets


    All orders are normally processed within 2 business days and shipped from our Pillow factory in Canada. We try our best to ship all across the globe and offer Free Shipping for orders over $170 to Canada and Contiguous USA (except Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico).

    Contiguous USA Orders:

    • FREE shipping on all orders over $170 to Contiguous USA
    • Non-contiguous - Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico - shipping starts at $49
    • 5 – 10 business days delivery timing (estimated)

    International Orders

    • Shipping fee starting at $79.99 for International orders 
    • 7 – 14 business days delivery timing (estimated)

    Additional Import Costs

    Orders shipped outside of North America may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such fees as well as customs clearance charges once a shipment reaches the recipient’s country. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, you should contact your local customs offices for more details. When custom clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

    Pillow Dimensions & Weights

    Full Size 22" L x 14” W | 3.0 lbs.
    Travel 12” L x 11” W | 1.7 lbs.
    Pediatric 14” L x 11” W | 1.7 lbs.
    The height of the enVy pillows range from 1.5 to 5 inches. Neck supports 2.5 to 3.5 inch height.
    Oeko-Tex Certified Undyed Cotton.
    Eco-INSTITUT Certified 100% Natural Latex..
    OEKO-TEX®: Class 1 certification free of harmful substances TENCEL, SILK pillowcases, TENCEL™ Copper liner and 100% Cotton pillow protector.

    Eco-INSTITUT Certified Natural Latex

    Our moulded ergonomic latex pillows are designed for back- and side-sleepers with dual density neck supports plus 1” Latex LIFT for those who want a higher loft pillow

    enVy COPPER™️ Technology

    The natural advanced enVy COPPER technology we use is infused permanently into our pillowcases -- either the eco-loving TENCEL pillowcase or the 100% Mulberry SILK pillowcase. COPPER has many beneficial properties beyond being an anti-microbial powerhouse. It keeps heat away from the sleeper, promotes collagen and elastin and speeds skin healing.

    Our Fabrics

    We use 100% undyed cotton for our pillow protector liner. Our fabrics (Cotton, SILK, TENCEL and Organic HEMP) have received STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®: Class 1 certification to ensure no harmful substances are present as a result of processing, to include banned substances, toxic chemicals, pesticides, and dyes.


    Do not wash the Latex material. Avoid removing the cotton protective liner. The pillow covers can be machine washed on a very gentle cycle, gentle detergent (zipper closed) and in a lingerie bag HOWEVER we always recommend hand washing instead. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry low but preferably hang dry.

    Warranty & 90 Night Promise

    The enVy pillow is covered by a 90-night trial (you are responsible for return shipping to our pillow warehouse in Canada) and a 2-Year Warranty. See more details about our 90 Night pillow promise here.
    A law label is a legally required tag or label on new pillow that describes the interior filling materials. Few companies will share this information prior to your purchase because it separates fact from marketing hype. We believe differently. Our pillows are designed and assembled in Canada, our Natural Latex comes from sustainable rubber trees in Vietnam.
    NO polyurethane foams, NO memory foams, NO synthetic foams, NO latex blends, NO chemical adhesives, NO vinyl, No Polyurethane, No PLU, and NO chemical flame retardants or synthetic fire barriers are used.