ANTI-AGING meets NECK SUPPORT meets COPPER☄️... in the Bedroom.

The materials we sleep with are just as important as the materials we don't sleep with. Our pillows, pillowcases and sleep accessories are made out of the highest quality natural materials — PERIOD! The finished products delivers luxury, performance, support, breathability, durability, biodegradability but most importantly, our shared peace of mind!

*For Back and Side Sleepers ONLY

  • The 'OG' Anti-Aging + Neck Support Pillow

    The enVy Pillow is recognized as the FIRST Anti-Wrinkle Pillow with a Class 1 Medical Device designation for Neck Support. It works all night long at preventing and reducing sleep wrinkles with its patented OFF-Your-Face design ... while it supports your neck and spine. Highly recommended by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Spinal Specialists.

    It can be found in the beds of many plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and chiropractors for its anti-aging, neck support and TMJ pain relief..

    Our Patented Design
  • Kills Germs while Reducing Wrinkles

    The ONLY Anti-Aging pillow on the Market which offers our advanced enVy COPPER™️ technology which is completely bio-infused into the pillowcase (100% Pure Mulberry SILK or the 100% Pure Eucalyptus TENCEL™ pillowcase).

    ✔︎ Destroys Germs on contact (even MRSA)

    ✔︎ Boosts Collagen and Elastin.. (goodbye fine lines).

    ✔︎ Reduces inflammation and accelerates healing.

    Our enVy COPPER™️
  • SWEET on the PLANET

    .... AND YOU!
    Because we want to sleep as soundly as you, we chose to make our patented Anti-Aging pillow with 100% Certified Natural Latex certified by eco-INSTITUT. Our natural latex producer is committed to overlooking the entire process from the cultivation of the natural rubber tree farms to our finished natural latex pillow. Together we share the vision of staying natural, sustainable and safe.

    *The process we use means the latex is completely allergy free!

    Our Natural Latex
  • Our Sustainable Fabrics

    Our 100% Natural Latex is covered with a 100% undyed cotton liner. The luxurious fabrics used for our slips and pillowcases are sustainable and biodegradable . Safe for the planet and those who live on it.

    Each enVy pillow is covered with either Oeko-Tex® Certified Pure 100% Mulberry SILK or a earth loving eucalyptus TENCEL™™ pillowcase -- a botanic fiber found in nature, harvested from Eucalyptus trees and produced through a closed loop manufacturing process, which means it's eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Eucalyptus trees are sustainable, regenerate quickly, and grown free of herbicides and pesticides.

    Our Sustainable Fabrics
  • NOT a One Night Stand

    That's why we give you 90 Nights to fall in bed and in love! We understand that making a change in bed requires some time and patience. Research shows that it takes the body a minimum of 10 nights to begin to adjust and experience the benefits of a new pillow. Feel free to check out our TIPS on our FAQ page.

    If the enVy pillow isn't the pillow of YOUR dreams we are thrilled to take your pillow back, sanitize it, redress it and donate it to our network of local women's and family shelters.

    90 Night Promise
  • Designed by 2 Canadian RNs who are old enough to be your mother!

    Kathy and Kim have your BACK... and your ANTI-AGING, SLEEP HEALTH and the PLANET in mind when they designed the enVy® Pillow. This proudly Canadian Company has been making sleep wrinkles and neck pain optional since 2009.

    Our Vision
  • Not Sure Which Pillow is Best for You?

    ALL our enVy® pillows come with the same patented anti-aging, OFF-Your-Face 100% Natural Latex pillow design. No matter which model you select, you’ll experience enVy’s therapeutic, anti-wrinkle, OFF your face/ TMJ benefits. What makes each product different are the pillowcases and if they are infused with our COPPER!

    If you don’t know which enVy pillow is best for you, start the Pillow Quiz below.

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  • Plant 10 Trees in Your Sleep!

    Reduce your carbon footprint in the bedroom. For every enVy® item purchased we plant 10 trees in an effort to regenerate ecosystems, capture carbon and provide planting jobs in communities around the world. All our products are created with an Earth-First approach, meaning they’re made in fair, safe working conditions, and constructed using only sustainably sourced and recycled materials.

    Our mission is to plant 1 million trees by 2025.

    Our Footprint
A Perfect Night's Rest

Ask the experts who sleep with the enVy Pillow...

We have been making morning sleep wrinkles and neck pain optional since 2009. BUT don't just take our word for it -- read what the experts say...

"After treatments you need to heal from the inside and out, relax your body, eat healthy and drink lots of water. Post procedure healing with topical antioxidants, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory lights are essential. Customize your pre and post procedural treatments with your experienced provider, and use the enVy Pillow to relax before, during and after treatments!"

Dr. Jason Emer - Jason Emer

" You know I'll go to the ends of the world to control what goes into my bed. Because that controls how I sleep. That's why I always sleep with the Canadian COPPER infused enVy Pillow. enVy did lab tests and found that their permanent COPPER infusion had an antimicrobial effect that starts on contact and gets rid of 99.9% of pathogens within 4 hours. Seriously, you spend 1/3 of your life with your face on something it might as well be antimicrobial and have SUPER POWERS!"

Dave Asprey - Father of Biohacking

"I am letting you in on one of the greatest gifts I have given myself -- and that is the enVy Pillow! I have had problems with my neck for a very long time as most surgeons do. In the morning I suffered with a stiff neck and nothing really worked until I got the enVy Pillow. It prevents you from getting wrinkles when you're sleeping and also if you have just had a procedure done and don't want to put any pressure on your face this is going to really help get that pressure off your face."

Dr. Sheila Nazarian - Plastic Surgeon

Don't take our word for it .....