Our enVy Pillow Story

How it all started...

Our proudly Canadian Company has been improving the sleep of 10,000s of people since 2009!  The enVy™ Pillow Co. was founded by 2 RNs who created a patented OFF-YOUR-FACE therapeutic anti-wrinkle pillow design after seeing unnecessary aging/sleep wrinkles caused by the way we sleep*.  We are excited to have expanded to offer cutting edge COPPER technology which takes this pillow and our other sleep and wellness products to a completely new level of therapeutic beauty sleep.  COPPER is known to kill superbugs on contact, reduce inflammation, boost collagen and elastin and visibly improve skin texture, skin tone and skin health - all while we sleep!  See our COPPER studies here.

We originally designed the enVy™ pillow as the first ergonomic post-operative pillow for Surgeons to offer their clients after face lifts and other facial surgeries.  Before long the enVy™ Pillow was  recognized by Health Canada as a Class 1 Medical device - customers were buying the enVy™ for beauty BUT loving it for how they felt in the morning after a supportive night’s sleep without neck pain, headaches, TMJ jaw pain, numbness or tingling arms and hands.

enVy™ PIllow's ability to gently position the sleeper OFF their faces/jaws AND in optimal spinal alignment is recognized and recommended by Dermatologist, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Sleep Specialists and mom.

* Inspired by the findings of Dr. Samuel E. Stegman whose research first identified “sleep wrinkles” and the long term effects caused by the chronic contact with a pillow on your face through the night.

Sleep well, Kathy and Kim

      KIM RENTON R.N. B.A.

Co Inventor
After leaving hospital based practice, Kim had a successful career with Allergan Canada as a Botox Medical Consultant. From there she went on to open KAPPS, her own Training Company teaching physicians across North America the Art and Science of Botox™ and Facial Fillers (Perlane™ Restylane™).


In her experience treating thousands of clients, Kim found that not all wrinkles were in fact “wrinkles”. She was aware of what cosmetic dermatologists have long known… that side and stomach sleepers develop deep permanent sleep lines on their faces from “squishing” them into their pillows every night. Most often, the deepest, most resistant lines were caused by habitual sleeping positions!


Co Inventor
Through years of experience in the Intensive Care, Cranio-Facial, Plastic Surgery and Burns units at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Kathy has extensive knowledge in the anatomy and physiology of healthy and damaged tissue. Since having neck and back spinal surgery as a teenager Kathy has spent many years (and a lot of money) in search of the perfect pillow.


In the development of enVy pillow she insisted that the perfect pillow should also provide the cervical spinal support necessary to ease or prevent chronic neck and back pain. A comfortable pillow with optimal neck support and chiropractic alignment. Together their combined interests, experiences and expertise gave them the tools and knowledge to create the most comfortable anti sleep wrinkle therapeutic pillow on the market.

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