The COPPER-infused Silk Sleep Mask by enVy®

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The Epic enVy COPPER™ Powered SILK Sleep Eye Mask. . LUXURIOUS THERAPEUTIC EYE MASK. TOTAL ECLIPSE BLACK OUT. COPPER INFUSED. *All sales final. After 2 years of research and development...

The Epic enVy COPPER™ Powered SILK Sleep Eye Mask.



*All sales final.

After 2 years of research and development we are excited to be introducing our Therapeutic enVy™ SILK Sleep Mask powered by enVy COPPER™️ Technology .  Empower your beauty sleep with the healing powers of COPPER Technology and the soothing benefits of 100% Pure Mulberry SILK with maximum coverage.   We designed this premium Silk sleep mask to deliver your optimal power sleep with complete "total eclipse" black out, specialize COPPER infused layer and zero eye pressure with our unique ergonomic eye relief pockets. 

✓ Copper enhances Skin Tone, Skin Texture and Skin Health.

✓ COPPER's germ killing power fights infection and protects against Superbugs.

✓ COPPER has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits for Speedy Tissue Healing and Repair.

100% Mulberry SILK + enVy COPPER™️ Ion Technology + 100% Complete Black Out  + Zero Eye Pressure + Super soft adjustable head band        

When we start our journey in designing any enVy™ product we always do a ton of  Research and Development… and the enVy™ COPPER Sleep Mask is no exception and just another labour of love for us.  The Copper powered enVy™ SILK Sleep Mask is a specially commissioned silk sleep mask that was made to our exact standards.  As committed sleep mask wearers ourselves , we know a thing or two about what we wanted in our Copper powered SILK Sleep Mask to make it truly EPIC.   We didn’t leave any luxurious feature out when we designed this "maskerpiece". Our list of must-have features in this Copper powered SILK Sleep Mask will take your “Beauty Sleep” to a truly Epic level.
Maximum coverage and seamless silk fitted nose cushion offers total light blocking which is essential for optimal deep quality sleep. We know first hand (and many studies consistently demonstrate), that we obtain better-quality sleep when we sleep in darkness.  Our premium enVy™ SILK sleep mask includes a specialized COPPER infused layer under the smooth high grade (6A) long fibre 22 momme 100% Mulberry SILK (OEKO-TEX certified  free of toxic substances) .
This first-of-its-kind COPPER infused layer powered by enVy COPPER™ is strategically placed under the hydrating SILK layer next to the sleeper’s skin.  Tests show the "halo effect" of our copper ions easily pass through the SILK layer to your skin. The full facial coverage of our masks allows the maximum benefits of COPPER to come into contact with your face from forehead, mid face and eyes, and cheeks. 
  The uniquely designed recessed eye pockets allows for free eye movement (such as during REM sleep) with zero pressure on the sleeper’s eyes but still allowing contact with COPPER ions which pass through the SILK layer.  This is a game changer for treating skin conditions (acne, rosacea) as well as eye infections such as blepharitis. You may also see reduction in fine lines and dark circles!
  The ultra smooth wide adjustable satin strap accommodates all head sizes with a slide tightener design instead of velcro providing smooth movement across your pillow and maximum comfort while sleeping.

No matter whether you work night shift and sleep during the day, you need to sleep on a plane, or you’re tired of streetlights making their way into your bedroom, a silk sleep mask can help you block out light and sleep better. Adding the amazing benefits of pure SILK and COPPER will offer true Epic Beauty Sleep.

COPPER has long been studied for its Anti-Microbial, Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Health Benefits

📌 Human skin is not sensitive to COPPER and, in fact, is shown to improve skin texture, skin tone and skin wellness.
📌 COPPER has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits for Speedy Tissue Healing and Repair. Excellent for reducing puffy eyes and dark circles.
📌 COPPER Promotes the Production of Elastin + Collagen.
📌 COPPER has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits for Speedy Tissue Healing and Repair. Excellent for reducing puffy eyes and dark circles.
📌 The Canadian made Copper infused fabric layer used in our enVy™ SILK Sleep Mask have been proven to eradicate 99% MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae using the standard AACTT-100 at 99.9% lab test. This is a game-changer in the healing of skin, treatment of acne and rosacea or eye infections.
📌 COPPER impregnated fabrics have potent biocidal abilities as shown in this 2006 study published in The Journal of Industrial Textiles
📌 According to a 2015 Study in Health Environments Research and Design Journal, some common germs proven to be killed by Copper include E. Coli, Influenza A, Norovirus and C. Difficile.

The New Science Behind our enVy COPPER☄️Technology

enVy™ Pillow has been using this powerful natural element for years in our anti-aging enVy COPPER Pillow technology and more recently in our enVy™ COPPER face masks during this pandemic.
We offer the best and latest Copper nanoparticle technology with superior efficacy, durability and powerful anti-microbial benefits which is completely infused on the natural fabrics we use on our enVy™ Pillow liners and PPE masks without losing the natural fabric’s true feel and breathability.  We are excited to partner with enVy COPPER who has developed this latest COPPER anti-microbial science for performance fabrics that utilizes the next generation of technology. This new COPPER nanoparticle technology is grafted on the entire surface of the material using a unique bonding technique.  By using a specialize tethering system or “bridging”  between the fabric fibres and the copper ions, this technology  creates a concrete like bond.  Compared to other COPPER products that uses copper polyester yarn which is then woven into textiles with every  5 or more rows of fabric (therefore not covering the entire surface), enVy Copper technology has the Copper nanoparticles uniformly distributed and firmly bonded on and into the entire surface of our fabrics (not nylon or neoprene).  The various natural fabrics we use in our products are treated with the copper nanoparticles and has shown excellent and efficient antimicrobial activity against MRSA / Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) and Kliebsella pneumonia with the same germ killing effects tested even after washing 100 cycles. The results show excellent laundering tolerance and durability. The key cutting edge feature here is that the reinforced concrete-like antibacterial copper nanoparticles applied to our enVy™ COPPER materials are bonded DEEPLY into the matrix of the fabric using this unique bridging system.  The result is a unique Copper stability even when the material is bent, stretched, rubbed and of course washed!
It is also important to note that the process Copper uses to kill bacteria requires the release of Copper ions.  Many traditional copper coating processes had the copper particles stuck in the matrix of the fabric which minimizes (or prevents) the release of copper ions rendering them useless.  Using the COPPER technology by enVy COPPER where the Copper has a strong interfacial connection to the fabric, the copper ions release freely when required to destroy bacteria and other harmful pathogens.
       *Your Copper Powered SILK Sleep Mask only needs to be washed when visibly soiled as the COPPER is always at work killing invisible germs.

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