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Sleep Disorders

How to Get High-Quality Sleep with enVy

The Ultimate Therapeutic Beauty Sleep Pillow

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

By now there are very few of us who don’t know that Sleep is the Foundation of Good Health. It is essential for allowing our bodies to repair themselves. It also helps our minds absorb and “file” the day’s learning away. Even though we understand why sleep matters, many people don’t know how to get high-quality sleep. When we deprive ourselves of our beauty sleep, we notice debilitating effects both mentally and physically… unless we choose to ignore them!

Sleep Machismo (Do You Have It?)

Sleep deprivation doesn’t help anyone! Some people choose to “get away” with less sleep. This attitude is often rewarded in our society…it’s been called “sleep machismo.” But lack of sleep can actually make you less productive, even if you feel as though you’re getting more done.

Sleep is More Important Than Food

The short-term ill effects of sleep deprivation can seriously and negatively affect our relationships, our performance at work or school, and our ability to enjoy life. It may even increase the risk of injury and accidents at work or on the road. And sleep deprivation can do much more than hurt your productivity it can damage your health as well.

After only a few days of sleep deprivation, the body undergoes changes similar to “fast-forward” aging:

  • memory loss
  • metabolism problems (with sugar and hormones)
  • poor reaction time, physically and mentally

As sleep deprivation continues over the long term, it increases the risk of very serious health problems such as immune system disorders, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, obesity issues, premature aging, and even death. The truth is… we can survive longer without food than we can without sleep…….NOW THAT prioritizes its importance.

“The enVy Pillow has shown an outstanding acceptance by users. In a recent survey by our sleep laboratory 80% of subjects demonstrated a significant improvement with more refreshing sleep, energy during the day and the enVy pillow was far superior to any other pillow for neck comfort.``

~ Dr. M. R. Goolam Hussain, Tri Hospital Sleep Lab

What is Quality Sleep?

Anytime the subject matter moves around to sleeping, the word “quality” is used a lot. Sleep experts (such as Dr. Hussien above) will tell you that while sleep “quantity” is important, the “quality” of your sleep is absolutely crucial. But how do you know if you’re getting this quality sleep?

Sometimes, you can know if you’re getting quality sleep by recognizing common signs of sleep deprivation. Basically, go with your gut. If you feel like your sleep quality is suspect and you show some of the telltale signs, then it probably isn’t that great. Common signs of sleep deprivation include:

  • Feeling hungry no matter how much you’ve eaten during the day.
  • Frequent illness like colds and flu.
  • Depression or sadness for no apparent reason.
  • Lack of coordination or reflexes, causing uncharacteristic clumsiness.

The good news is that you can prevent long-term problems by recognizing these early signs that you aren’t getting enough sleep, increasing the amount of sleep you’re getting until you feel well rested, and … just as important … making sure your sleep is comfortable. Once you know how to get high-quality sleep, you’ll have more energy to get through the day.

But remember: the greater the “sleep debt” that you have, the longer it will take to recover.

``I LOVE my enVy pillow and will never go back to garden variety pillows again!``

~ Carla Collins, Actress, Comedian and Star of Carlawood

How Can the enVy, the Anti-Aging/ Anti-Wrinkle Pillow Help You Sleep Better?

The enVy® therapeutic sleeping pillow is designed to promote the perfect night’s sleep… whether we are back sleepers or side sleepers! The patented ergonomic design works by using supportive, body temperature sensitive, Canadian made LuxFeel Memory Foam which provides weight distribution, maximum ventilation, and year-round comfort by keeping the sleeper cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is perfect for those of us who need to keep our night sweats under control. The luxuriously smooth 100% bamboo pillowcase or the 100% mulberry SILK pillowcase is 3x more breathable and softer to the skin…..All of which ensures you will have a comfortable and refreshing sleep…leaving you looking as good as you feel in the morning!

Tossing and Turning is a symptom of interrupted sleep and a sign of discomfort while sleeping. If we have comfortable, supportive sleep, we sleep better. MANY users report less tossing and turning when sleeping with the amazing enVy anti-aging/ anti-wrinkle beauty sleep pillow.

It is scientifically proven that adequate comfortable sleep means we can … … learn more easily and quickly, … develop more opportunities, … make better decisions, … accomplish more, … be more productive, … make excellence a habit, and … enhance our true potential!

The enVy® Pillow you buy is our sale to you … the joy you receive is our gift to you..