enVy® ReNEW™

Our Pillow Renewal Project

enVy® ReNEW™ is our new marketplace where you can shop slightly imperfect and gently used pillows, extending their life and lowering our impact on the planet.

These pillows are real enVy™ Pillows that have been rejected for a small flaw or returned to us lightly used.

The enVy™ Pillow team continues to be dedicated to making the highest-quality sustainable pillows and products while leaving the least possible impact on Mother Earth. To further reduce our carbon footprint we have created our enVy ReNEW™ Pillow Project. 

Through this initiative we are furthering our sustainable mission of extending the life of our natural pillows so they end up in new bedrooms, not landfills.

Re-dressed and Refreshed = ReNEW™

Each of these enVy ReNEW™ pillows is examined for defects in the Natural Latex.

 ♻️ ALL the COPPER infused pillowcases and luxurious drawstring travel bags are professionally sanitized.

The result is a restored to 'like-new' enVy pillow which is placed on our website for our deep discount.

*** ALL ReNEW™ pillows are final sale! ***

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