Want to Avoid Wrinkles? Sleep on your Back

Want to Avoid Wrinkles? Sleep on your Back

Sleep lines (also known as ‘sleep wrinkles’) are very real and a big problem for thousands of people. Sleep wrinkles are the creases and lines that show up on our face in the morning… after a night spent with our your face compressed into our pillow all night…every night. Over time, these lines remain long after you’re up and about and can and will become permanent.

Back Sleeping can help with reducing sleep wrinkles

There is a guaranteed way to prevent sleep wrinkles that works 100% of the time, and that is to sleep on your back ONLY, 100% of the time.  If you sleep on your back every night, you’ll never get a sleep line on your face, ever. Of course, if it were that simple….

There have been observations of people who have been in comas for a short period of time, positioned only on their backs and have been reported to have less wrinkles as a result! We don’t like this idea. Sleep positions often come from our childhood sleep habits and many of us (75% of us) favour side sleeping. So, back sleeping just isn’t possible for a lot of people.  You may have an issue with snoring, general discomfort, chronic dry throat from sleeping with your mouth wide open or any other number of reasons you don’t like back sleeping.  Whatever your reason, you’re not alone.  But that doesn’t mean you’re destined for premature aging, either.

“If sleeping with your face in a pillow is a nightly routine, then you can develop permanent sleep lines. And you don’t have to plunge headfirst to get these lines; even years spent sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles.”

~ American Academy of Dermatology

CAN’T SLEEP ON YOUR BACK? – Here is our Sleep Hack:

The primary way the enVy pillow prevents sleep wrinkles is by minimizing  face-to-pillow contact.  It minimized the pressure caused by your 8-10 pound noggin’ pushing your sweet face into your pillow all night long.   It’s unique patented design makes sure that there is no pressing and smushing your face into folds and creases.  And the best part is the enVy pillow  allows for back sleeping AND even side sleeping.  If you’re a side sleeper and want to receive the most anti-aging benefit from this pillow, be sure to take the time to read the detailed instructions that come with every pillow and also there is a lot of info and tips that can be found on our website .

Using the Patented Gull-Wing Ergonomic Design

It’s important to utilize the ‘V’ spot of the enVy pillow when you lay down on your side. The back of your head should be touching the slope on the other side. One useful tip for finding the right side sleeping position is to start off on your back, right in the centre part of the pillow.  From there, roll onto your preferred side (the one with all the sleep wrinkles) and you should be in the right sweet spot. … with your baby face tilted subtly away from the pillow. It’s very subtle but that is all that is needed.  Check out the demonstration below.

Maintain the Correct Angle

You can also perform a little trick with your upper shoulder which also helps.  When you’re on your side, that upper shoulder should be angled back slightly.  It’s common for side sleepers to let that top shoulder slump forward, but pulling it back just a little will help train you to use the pillow correctly.. and with optimal spinal alignment.  The bonus is  less wrinkles on your chest area caused by side sleeping (another side sleeping curse).  Another important way to encourage this proper positioning is to place a regular pillow between your knees when side sleeping and under your knees while  back sleeping. Please do not underestimate how important this is.

More Wrinkle Prevention Tips

If you are truly intent on minimizing contact and keeping sleep wrinkles at bay, don’t slide your bottom arm under the pillow as you sleep. This will alter the angle and create pressure between the pillow and side of your face. Try placing your bottom arm along the side of the pillow. It may feel strange at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly and the results are well worth it!

So tell us, do you try to sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles? If you can’t …we have a pillow for you!

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