The Lie About Wrinkles.

The Lie About Wrinkles.

The Lie About Wrinkles.

“Stay out of the sun or you’ll get wrinkles”

 “Smoking causes wrinkles”

“My mom had lots of wrinkles so I will too”

The fact is, wrinkles ARE NOT caused by sun or smoking or even advanced age!  Hear me out!  These things DO lay the ground work as they set the stage for wrinkles to form. But there is more involved…

The wrinkle myth

As we age our skin begins to get thinner from a loss of collagen and starts to sag from a loss of elastin. In addition we lose fat in our upper face and gain fat in our lower face ( its the ‘every thing goes south’ thing) . How well our parents age as well as the choices we make in life (ie smoking, sunbathing, tanning salons etc) can determine the rate and degree to which this happens. However, these changes only create the canvas for the wrinkles to form.

So What Does Cause Wrinkles?

There are only 2 ACTIONS which can cause our faces to crease and form wrinkles:

Action #1: Expressions

The habitual frown or scowl, brow furrowing, squinting from the sun and repetitive lip pursing all can cause lines which make us look older (and angrier).

frown lines
The makers of Neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin have done a great job educating the public on how to stop these lines from forming…. by literally relaxing the muscle that causes the repetitive movement in our faces.

Action #2: Sleeping on Our Face

The action of compressing our faces and shifting the tissue under the force of our 8-12 pound head into a pillow every night for 8 hours causes “Sleep wrinkles”.


tissue compression on our pillow

These are not the same as the faint lines caused by the seam or crease on your pillowcase. These in fact are literally FOLDS which over time become permanent wrinkles and lines on our face.  Often they show up in the morning and fade by midday (when we are young and our skin is more flexible). But over time we wear these sleep lines permanently on our faces. They are quite difficult to treat and will definitely return if our sleeping habits are not changed. They CANNOT be repaired by Botox… they are Non-Botoxable.

So What is the Sleep Line Solution?

Many professionals will advise that you sleep on your back only.  We  all know that is a difficult thing to train ourselves to do.  EnVy Pillow was introduced in 2009 to treat these wrinkles. Its innovative patented design allows the user to sleep comfortably on their side (or back) without compressing their face into the pillow. It is comfortable, hypoallergenic and dustmite resistant. The memory foam and bamboo or SILK pillowcase cradles our heads and necks whether we are side sleeping or back sleeping, all the while keeping  our spines in perfect alignment as recommended by spinal experts.

Anti wrinkle pillow

enVy Pillow comes in several models which add SILK or COPPER Ion technology to its covers.  All of which add to the anti-aging and OFF-Your -Face benefits of the pillow.


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