How Often Should I Replace my Pillow?

How Often Should I Replace my Pillow?

It’s an age-old story…you find a pillow you love, one that helps you sleep well at night, and you want to keep it forever. Ok, maybe it’s not “age-old” but it has certainly happened over the years.

Finding a comfortable pillow is challenging, and if you have sleep issues it’s even more challenging. Of course, the time will come when your pillow needs replacing.

According to the Experts

As with most topics or industries, experts in the sleep-related field have varying opinions about how often you should replace your pillow. Some will tell you that you should swap it for a new one every 6 months to a year and others will say 2 years is an acceptable timeline. Expert advice can be helpful, but it can also lead to a great deal of confusion if you get a variety of answers to the same question.

Signs That Your Pillow  Needs Replacing

You can often determine if your pillow needs replacing by examining it yourself. If your pillow had provided sound and restful sleep when you started using it, but now you wake up with a sore neck, headaches or similar issues, it may be time for a change.

If your pillow seems misshapen or you have to manually fluff it and manipulate it back into shape each night, then you probably need a new one. For down or fibre filled pillows, you can use the fold test as an easy easy way to help you decide. Just place the pillow on a flat surface and fold it in half lengthwise. Hold it in place like that for around 30 seconds, then let go. If it doesn’t unfold immediately on its own, then you need a new pillow. (Please remember never to fold the enVy Pillow).

Helping It Last Longer

If you really love your pillow and want to make it last as long as possible, use a proper pillow case or protector every night, (luckily the enVy Pillows come with their own protective liner and custom-fitted pillowcase) and follow the care instruction closely to care for your pillow properly. Different types of pillows require different methods and techniques to keep them functioning well, so don’t stray from the manufacturer’s instructions.

The enVy Difference

Memory foam pillows tend to last longer than other synthetic materials and down-filled pillows, but even they can tear and break apart over time. The Canadian made memory foam used in the enVy pillow is different than standard memory foam, and it counters many of the issues that usually reduce the lifespan of your pillow.

The memory foam used for enVy™ pillows won’t harden when the temperature is cold, it won’t promote allergies and dust mites and bed bugs can’t get into the pillow. Also it will retain its shape no matter how many nights you use it as long as you follow the care instructions that come with the pillow and on our enVy website.

How often do you replace your pillow in the past?


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