How Much Should I Pay For a Good Pillow?

How Much Should I Pay For a Good Pillow?

It’s not really a secret that the quality of your pillow plays a big role in how well you sleep at night. Prices vary wildly when it comes to pillows, with some going for less than $20 and others up in the hundreds. How much you should pay for your pillow depends on a few factors.

Placing a Dollar Value on Health

One of the first things you should figure out is how important it is for you to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. If you’re a person who struggles for restful sleep like so many others, then your pillow will likely take on more importance than for someone who can sleep just fine under any conditions.

If you do have trouble sleeping, then you should buy the very best pillow that you can afford. Many people are scared away by higher prices, because they’ve never really regarded a pillow as important to their health.

Sometimes, breaking down the price of a high quality pillow into days (or in this case nights) will make it seem a lot more reasonable. As an example, our enVy pillow sells for $169.  But the enVy™ Pillow company also has its
“No Bells, No Whistles” version – SIMPLY enVy Pillow for $99…where you use your own pillowcase.  All the same luxurious anti-aging and therapeutic benefits… without the luxury price tag. For some, this may sound  steep for a pillow, but when you break it down into nights, it works out to around 18 cents* per night for the 2 year warranty.

So, the real question with the enVy pillow and other high quality pillows is, how much is your sleep-related health worth? Only you know how you really feel each morning, so only you know if 18 cents a night is worth improving your sleep and your health so you feel better.

*Calculated on a full 2 years of use which is the warranty enVy™ Pillow offers

Check the Data

Of course, anyone can tell you that an expensive pillow is worth the price. It’s wise to do some research and find out the science behind the claims, read customer testimonials and see if there’s a guarantee or warrant of any kind.

If you’re the type that suffers from allergies, look for a pillow that is hypo-allergenic (dust mite resistant). If you get frequent headaches or neck pain, look for one that cradles your head in a way that prevents them. Basically, don’t believe the hype until you’ve looked into it first.

The Right Pillow for You

What it comes down to is finding the pillow that you feel will provide you with the most restful, comfortable sleep and then find a way to fit it into your budget. Remember the price breakdown listed above. When you find the right pillow for your body, you’ll never regret your purchase.

Aren’t you worth 18 cents a night?

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